Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflecting on My Work

It's almost been as many weeks since the semester began that I started working on my interview project and now it's done. I don't think it's perfect, and I could definitely think of ways to improve upon it, but I think it's still a good snapshot of Wanjira's passion for film. Although it wasn't my first time gathering footage and sitting at an editing screen, the project served to remind me all the challenges and pleasures of producing a story in audiovisual format. I've ruined movies for myself now because whenever I watch them I think of how the guys behind the scenes put it together.

I think one of the most pleasurable things about working on the project was editing it. A lot of people tend to shy away from editing because it can be a tedious, yet stressful process. To me it feels more like putting together a puzzle from a bunch of jigsaw pieces, but instead of just one final image, there are scores of possibilities for the final, big picture. Deciding where to fade out and how to pace the cuts with the music was a zenlike exercise for me. I think it's definitely something I want to explore more than I have in my film studies.

I can't remember who said it, but a quote has long stuck with me that reads, “films are never finished, only abandoned.” I kind of feel this way about my interview project. I dealt with my fair share of roadblocks with this project that kept it from panning out exactly the way I planned it, but the same could be said of anything I've worked on. When I go back and watch it, I always pick out a place where I would rather cut a little later or cut the musical interlude a little shorter. I'm sure I could spend another two weeks tweaking it and pulling more footage to throw up on the screen, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

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